Structured order sets a course over time Silent bondage steal away my chime Trapped beneath this labyrinth scaffold Four years … More

Scrap Heaps Flickering glimpses stick, as I caress your desire and finger through it’s here I see you … Carving … More


TAKE If I could disappear, I would Vanish Fearful of what I leave behind Sleep and never wake up, I … More


She waits for return, as she ponders into the alone. Immortalised in the rising sun, the moons stare sets to … More


Beyond this curl, a quietness forgives Summoned in reflections of hope clasping hands holding conversations Moved to a higher state … More


Urban ambles on a Sunday stroll in the park. Dusk arrives as the whistles break natures silence. Light removals from … More


Heavy are the exhausted steps reaching fluctuations of energy. Every action waits anxiously wanting forward momentum. Created and destroyed we … More


Return the passage of time as sands ascend the glass hours devoured Bring me your laughter as vibrations dissipate into … More