Cornered Convenience



Clear skies sweep away a yesterday of stock pilled memories, of fearlessness as we once roamed these streets at leisure looking at the clouds and stars for answers.
Occupying space now that never was, a freedom visited in insolation, measure by measure.
The infectious silence creeps into my thoughts, spreading two metres apart as fear visits my every breath upon every step of the way into the social distance.

The hooded figure upon the bench clinging on like sliding hands reaching upon shelves that are running empty in optimistic hope that it will come tomorrow. When the dust settles, will we still wash our hands as we clamor still? For
A Deliverance from this inconvenience.

Early birds catches the worm and bursts into song while I dodge anything and everything in cowardice that it will eventually catch me.
Kindness does, as I get my Essentials that satisfy the visit, buying me fresh air and interaction with those who are not my kin.

‘Take care’ escaped behind the face mask as she handed me my bags with rubber gloves and a protective wish of wellness ‘send my love to Mum’ cautiously sent across her eyes as the newspapers pile into the carrier.

Keys unlock and downed
I bring the outside in
I wash my hands of it
The inside is the new
Way to life
Protect the NHS they say
Stay home a small price to pay.


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