Love reign down on me into this pool of reflection

To saturate your pouring of absorbed affection

Drowning in you with each silky kiss

To taste such sweetness.

Falling deeper into your eyes that ripple waves of truth – come bare witness

Time exposes my faithful weakness to take a rightful place.

Awake the still and preside here to shower with ancient oils

Anoint me, sheltered canopy prove a ritual to grow from divine soil

Spread from lands far and wide I am the keeper of your kingdom

Swearing an oath to sow seeds of wisdom

Towards the edge where my feet no longer touching ground

Reaching Depths unknown to nourish this new dawn, to place your crown.

Leap the orbs to heavens clutch, this power and sceptre holding sway

An occupation of duty to rule and serve love upon this very day

Let us pray in relenting procession

And all the people rejoice,

In open confession

Long may it reign

Long live the

Love to

reign down on me





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