Flashes of white bleach time capturing

Grandmas nicotine touch up, smoke inhaled in grandiose fashion. Intentional selfish keep sake of inheritance, her heart is swollen as her pupils dilate.

Licked fingers blush the child in an act of preparation.

A wince accompanies the cusses to look at the camera, her spit swimming on his face in distaste.

Lovers embrace a collection of smiles for jokes where intimacy becomes a punchline not so fixed in a black and white binaries of segregation. Humanities hand rested upon the fragility of civil liberty’s purchase.

Spontaneity be the crime that leads us to this charge. A small price to pay for freedom in exchange for the truth of our image. The camera never lies.

A life sentence pleaded or led to serve as recompense to a fond memory or regret held at your fingertips When we are dead.

Whisper my name upon your lips, a ticket expired to the past.

Squeezed into frame to occupy the countdown and wait for exposure of our undying love in full disclosure.

In this closet, curtains divide a society of moral opinion, a place without sin to gaze upon them.

We can be and see ourselves, stacked upon these queer square storytelling shelves.

Arise Your honourable lens for you will be our judge and jury.

Initiated pressing forth with a nudge

A hand placed on a knee and cheek to cheek for wallet windows to sneak a peek. A secret moment of hope that one day things will get better.

For we are free, I love him and he loves me , soaring thought as the pair leave…separately.

Siblings pinch to steal a smile in moments of youth. Their gap years provide a glimpse of familiar faces taped against the dorm walls.

Eyes roll as the next couple knock upon the booth.

Time and tides of change waits for no man.

Their coins jingle and rustle in pockets of ambition marking this transition.

Drunken lust lures here to trap, as they lose themselves upon a kiss locking lips against the timers tick.

Our love will forever remain as his hands are thrown away from her breast in refrain.

A lonely figure leans upon this vestibule of desire as the couple anticipate the strip teasing its way down the slot. They are in love and this is proof.

The idleness of youth torn in two as they deposit traces of each other in pockets and purse.

She settled but could have done worse, she thought whilst patiently to see their face as they stroll away hand in hand and bare witness in all its green naivety.

Slipping into the booth a smile develops as she catches her reflection in the glass.

Delicate fingers race to gently unclasp a skin to bare.

A wish made upon its frame x4 that true love will find its way one day.

Flash – front facing for mother ( make a wish )

Flash – funny face for my dresser ( unclasp )

Flash – reveal and look to the side for this one is my secret to hide. ( Sexiness)

Flash – no smile a passport to ride.

She exits the booth…




Copyright 2017

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