Wading Out

I fell into the pool of adoration upon its sedation

Beware of the deep end,

no signs to see

I slip into the depths of she

Where feet touch no ground with it’s tight grip

Plunged into ecstasy roll rushes of manipulation… calm waters placate me

I bleed


My eyes closed as it submerged a calculated purge

Upon its goal

I come up for air to gasp


Attempts to control

This tide and pulling current

I’m taken in greed

Hold breath

Now breathe

Swirles of emotions drag forth I am yours

In this vast ocean

An energy source in limit supply

A lifeline is thrown

I clasp at kind hands who tug me to shore

Where I lie on my back as chest leaps up to the heavens and falls in relief where clarity seeks

To have survived such toil and grief

I can stand now

I can see

I stall

Back to land

I wade out

Hold me

I’m free.





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