Scrap Heaps

Flickering glimpses stick,

as I caress your desire and finger through

it’s here

I see you …

Carving futures in preservation bound

Hidden from view,

the glue seeping through of the past in residue. ⚪️

Secrets and desires lay upon these pages, residing in scrap heaps.

Pile them here for the while in the hope the future reaps.

⚪️Piecing together a story to tell in brown spots and blobs. ⚪️

Of places and spaces lost

referred to a

A memory now blurred

Under the bed in the bottom draw, ⚪️cut above the rest and get inside my head.

Crafty eyes locks upon these treasures lying here discovered discarding the forever.


⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️


collated ⚪️

⚪️curated and celebrated.


Upon these pages lay the truth

Make me human and remember, for I was here and

⚪️This is proof. ⚪️




Copywrite 2017

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