Return the passage of time as sands ascend the glass hours devoured

Bring me your laughter as vibrations dissipate into the chords of angles.

Touch my hand again so that I may feel your skin breathe upon our laboured


Smile infinitely bright for we remain in your gaze, captured by light perpetuating our darkness.

Ease our broken hearts in a comfort do send, upon blooming flowers as butterfly’s ponder in a silent conversation to mend.

Receive our thoughts delivered on the winds of contemplation

They sail from heavens gate and rest in our thankful elation.

Gifting us with the pleasures of you in humble reception.

As the tides shift inevitably, currents pull us together and apart.

Reside eternal in your beauty and fill our hearts for you must never again depart.

Send us hope whilst we wait to see through, this life without you.




Copywrite 2017

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