Love happens here in Starbucks, your name awaits scribbled misspelt on disposable cups. 

Sip with pride, you’re theirs now.  

Exchange your pink pounds at Barclays our currency is at a good rate. 

LGBT£€$IA Gay for pay. 

Eat your greens …

You’ll grow nice and strong. 

Make big brother proud. 

Sing it with whistles and sound systems loud. 

Nando’s chicken consumes the appetite, 

Have you been here before?

Select from the menu and pay at the counter. 

We always have been… yet you were no where to be seen. 

Visible now, just paint a rainbow for temporary inclusion 

We are all good company ! 

Taste the rainbow it’s bitter sweet. 

Love is for sharing over a Mc Donald’s milkshake 

I can teach you but I have charge, it brings all the boys to my yard. 

Devour the colours and all you can eat. 

Drink up white people soup on west ends streets as colour in Vauxhall sweeps. 

Eat , drink and consume untill the pot of gold runs out. 

We are a precious element to them, after all

Skittles prove the synthetic aesthetic of Pride is rinsed out. 

Only white is left as the prism no longer splits the light to reveal us. 

We no longer control our gaze. Looked at through the eyes of others. 

Residues of you smeared in co opted corporations. 

It’s a day of celebration, congratulations to your employer! 

Accepting you by their legal recruitment, legislation that once demonised now protects and subjects. 

We’re all in this together. 

Brandish your face with stripes we are tribal products of ourselves. 

This is a capitalist day. 

March on parade, wave those logos 

Drowning voices… the protest is over. 

Buy into the message, fund the greed the barriers won’t pay for themselves we are mobile convenience store. 

Open one day of the year. 

Make your purchase we accept contactless payments. 

Apply here and pay for your wristband. 

Is there anything left? 

Whats in your mouth? 

Can you taste the rainbow? 

Damien Arness-Dalton ©2017

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