Delicate fingers of hope, throw a banner upon futures discourse 

Galloping towards freedom driven by the Kings horse. 

Fallen from grace in the tragedy of this race. 

Emily, lives eternal in all our Majesty 

Earning her position in histories masculine narratives told. 

Unravel the banner now let it effeminately unfold. 
Hunger strikes her, institutionally forced …now upon us. 

To eat the cake and not have it, 


We taste her liberty bitter sweet. 
Sticks and stones may break the bones of the absurd. 

Let it be heard: 

Say it loud and forgiven: 


Breaking glass ceilings with your rocks for generations of children. 

Shackled upon statues , the railings no longer divide. 

Violet, violence, vindicates suffrage to provide. 

Open green fields of freedoms rest. 

gendered equal franchise,achieved quest.  Mother of liberty, lay roses upon her breast. 
X marks the spot on the ballot paper 

Count them in, resolute women! 

O suffer us all, least we forget

the trials of those suffragettes. 
Damien Arness – Dalton. 

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