Enough is Enough 

Enough is Enough / E=E
Enough is Enough 

‘It’s time we stop tolerating extremism’

She barks , eyes gleaming from No10 

The Ministry of Fear is working to catch them ! 

Mark yourself virtually ‘safe’ from those bloodied hands arming the critical & severe. 

It’s a tragic State of Affairs: I do declare. 

Lions and Unicorns clutch podiums of power where acts of terror regulate and devour. 

Legislate the safe space to eradicate hate 

Big brother where art though? 

Embrace us or enslave us, because you care. 

New burdens to carry on the backs of hysterical scare. 

‘We must uphold our values and beliefs and carry on.’ 

‘London is Open ‘

New Speak , repeat until meaning lost. 

‘Our way of life’ will never be defeated !

Repeat it. Repeat it. 

Terrorism breeds Terrorism 

Peaceful rest to those who were taken, a moment of silence, respite from all this noise 

We are the forsaken. 

Nervously vigilant, we have no choice. 

But to live our lives within this cage 

The dawn of a terrible new age. 

One day we MAY be free. 

Damien A-D

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