Natural habitation wrapping around fleshy avenues of dirt. 

Trailing on the hunt for meaty catches, they feed,

Upon shadowy figures lurking, floating upon the silent flirt. 
Lonely pray, fragile masculinity in the air thickening with need. 

Adrenaline rushes placates the rejection in their collective risky innocence. Congregations at worship on their knees, bent upon the confessional fucking tree. 
Moonlight cruising across the sky, measuring hours of perseverance;

of Primal behaviour, the QUEER hunters gather here. 

I have walked in their footsteps, the bashed Cummings and goings of silent sexual experience. 
May the green bushes protect the nervous dispositions and shroud them with open arms. 

upon our temple of desire on this bulging Heath.  

Let the love birds sing songs of desires from the branches. 

Where Calls of freedom praise practices. 

Let' us go outide, for this is our culture. 
Damien Arness-Dalton

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