Lil Treasures

Charity Shop, oh charity shops! Refusing to enter with childish strops. 

A youth spent outside, utterly embarrassed. 

Now I relish in what I can find to cherish. 

Spastic society, Humana -and Oxfam;

My worst enemies with me and my Nan. 

For she would be proud in what I have learnt 

From her antique knowledge a value I have earned. 

As I walk in your footsteps with musty whiffs 

of things discarded in charitable gifts. 

I cannot replace the love in an object bought

Yet begin to hoard memories and thoughts

‘One mans junk is another’s treasure’ 

I miss holding your second hand 

Nan your love stays with me forever 

I’ll never give it away to another nor will find it on a shelf. 

I have you in my heart I carry you in it. 

Bag it up , wrap it for it is precious 

Stay with me until my end 

And I shall give it to you first hand in hand 

When we shall meet again at heavens door 

Where I will search no more. 
Damien Arness- Dalton. 

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