Ctrl Alt Del

 Alt right. 2016 System update. 
“ALT Right

ALT Right 

Everything’s gonna be ALT RIGHT ”
Space the letters and let’s press

                return …to…
The error of our ways, will we ever learn? 

Can we go back to the last document please ? 

The screen has frozen and the pages freeze. 

Shift the toolbar and narrow the page. 

As we enter into darker dawns of a new age. 

I should have listened to you and had it saved. 

Escape, recover previous work,for it is now undone. 

Control , the right clicks as a questionable transition;an altercation has begun. 

I can’t navigate through the user interface: 

Options of homophobia , misogyny and hatred of race. 

This virus is reaching wide, spreading at a rapid pace. 

The pop ups, opt in software emerges and malicious malware has run. 

Do you accept the terms and conditions? It’s already begun. ..

You cannot proceed without submitting an option. 

Choose <> Control /alt right in that configuration.  

 <>DELETE <> 

Failure <> Inaugurating 


I need a system recovery. 

To set us free. 
Damien Arness-Dalton. 

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