Tick T’0ck

Tick T’0ck

If time is a healer, stop all the clocks ticking into tomorrows certainty.
Recharge the batteries of overworked minds
Potential tension springs from its cogs of urgency.
A slave to the machine he is digging coiling winding.
Tick t’0ck
Tick t’0ck
Tick t’0ck

tick tocking stops, no need to watch

As The Time teller pauses and examines the face.
The big hand reaches out for the little in a heartfelt embrace.

The glass is clearer now as time stood still Pausing to reflect into tomorrows fate
Returning to life they move in pace.
Those hands that tell the time.
Tick t’0ck
And then the time teller smiled.
With peace of mind.

Damien Arness -Dalton.

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