High & Stormy

High & Stormy

Higher state of conscience,slip sliding on glass.
Fragile lowered inhibitions,momentarly lasts.
Rushes of white waves wash flesh absorbed.
Into cold desire of torsos and bearded adored.

Time and tide waits for no man in this ocean of dreams.
Drift away in the current or float on shipwrecked beams.
Turbulent waters provoke him to ride the white horse.
Forked  and mounted upon swill and remorse.

Pray forth to him to calm the waters, offer forward gifts of hope.
Sling forth from your current position a lifeline of rope.
Square routes lead to nowhere, decide which to take.
Sink or swim amongst natures selection of fate.

Damien Arness-Dalton


Charles Lebrun The Wrath of Neptune 1670

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