Five years of calling, thankfully I heard your beckon.
In the dampness of cluttered emotional clarity.
You smiled up to me from the pages of your love story written in 1958.
I have found you ,my therapy in this destiny and truth fulfilled,trapped in this Swedish
Brighton up my days with your whimsical gaze.
Clasp tight the release in the purchase of the never ending story,
now concluding with you.
Charitable deceit has torn the pages clean away, ripping the spine of my kindness.
There is no character left in your tale in this unexpected chapter ending here abruptly.
Protagonist victim no more, let me spend this bad penny and break this negative narrative furthermore.
Sit with me Charlotta engrossed in your book and least not look, at me and set me free.
Smile my lovely…
Remind me of what’s next in this empty text…
to be written by my past, present and future with you.
Let’s close our eyes and wish for a while.

Damien Arness-Dalton.

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