Plastic paddy

”Jesus Mary & Joseph! Who’s that now?’
Questions raised, lifts a scrutinising brow.
‘Put down that pint of Guinness !’
Wipe away white broths with forgiveness.
Harp cardboard matts absorbing spill.
Mime that rebel song you fear still.

Bleeding borders north/south drawn
shamrocks won’t green themselves, in frustration..pages torn.
tri-colouring within the lines of your heritage copy books.
Rights of passage, divisions forged, legitimacy looks.

‘When was you last ‘home’, what’s your relation/family name?’
Cultural policing of the diaspora game, Irish blood runs through my veins. 
Authentic by geographical position of birth, my Irishness put on material trial.
The Craics begin to show in generational denial.


Damien Arness – Dalton.

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  1. I did not expect to come across this high standard of very interesting work on Scruff.
    Wonderful surprise that someone is offering more than pictures of themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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