“My name is Damien and I’m an explainer here at The Science Museum.

It’s hard to explain the life enchanting experiences you have given me.

The training and delivery,enabling constructivist theories of learning to stretch me and my abilities.

We learn through play and my childishness bridges a connection stronger by designing smiles and laughter to embed and reinforce your learning.
Creating positive interactions with Science and human ingenuity.

Communication is the key and mine is 149 to unlock minds and travel back and forth in time to understand the world we live in.

Objects behind glass each with stories to show and tell.

Inanimate objects who need mouthpieces to bring them alive.

Galleries static and interactive.
Curious minds lift from Launchpads of knowledge and testing to scientific interpretations.

I am here to facilitate, communicate information

Marvel in its Wonder, become a scientist in its Lab.
‘Explainer’ ascertains,let me entertain ;show you how it works.

Let us explore , experiment and build upon your own understanding through findings.

I have learnt more from you than you from me.

When I you see you smile and laugh it makes me happy.
When I see my colleagues grow delivering fountains of knowledge, it makes me proud.

Some may be extroverted/ introverted and perhaps loud.

Alumni, family of a lifelong connection interwoven together ‘explainer’ stays with you forever.
Lab coats, green, blue, orange and red.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Launchpad, PatternPod, Garden,on Air, Wonderlab to Testbed a legacy to leave.
It’s one thing that’s hard to explain, satisfaction…

“Don’t burst my bubble and stay sitting on your bottoms.”

You get out of the job what you put in.

It’s hard to Explain how much you shaped me.

Some things in life you simply cannot explain in words but in being and feeling.
That’s the explainer poem…My name is Damien … Thank you and goodbye.
Damien Arness-Dalton.

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