I look at him from afar
I plant my seed and it starts
exchanges of interlocking desire
I lock and I’m loaded, I
FIRE >>>>>>>>>>>
Timed to precision
Target identified within my vision
Heat seeking missiles in packages below and behind
Gaydar scanner on max for trade to find.

Handkerchiefs dangle from denim arses hungry for colourful sexual advances
Red, yellow, brown, left pocket, right
Fisting, piss, scat, active or passive tonight?
Seek the seeker, catcher and pitcher
Leathers, boots, snap caps and Nike airs consumer satisfaction of product information shared
Pierced ears, septums sleeved/tribal, tattoos of queer residue
an open book to read and profile you

Codified unspoken non verbal signals
A language alive and spoken between us silent transactions speak louder than words
His performance played out for his audience to observe

Fuck me with your eyes for a while
Stop looking into your phone to hide.
Stand against the wall and clutch that pint tightly imagining its my cock
I’ll quench my thirst on his girth my jaw locking on his juicy nutrition
Move to get a better line of sight in prime position.

I’m fighting against the clock
I want D tonight ! It’s in sight.

Kiss chasing on squinted eyes and pursed lips
Between glares and beneath stares
licking lips and wanting to taste you at the urinal as we watch each other piss
his swaying hips mincing the tension between sweating friction burning at my fingertips
Seductively sucking that smoking fag
Muscled men wearing drag
Harnesses and singlets cling to hard flesh

The meat market is on full sling
Sales of purchases not yet made in faithful doubts of measure and weight

Sexuality explicitly displayed
In order to get laid
Winking murder across dance floors
Eye whore hunting them down slaying
For trophies and notches on the bed
No guarantees of mutual attraction it’s
A gamble for his attention or rejection

Relegate my phone to be present in the bar or let’s go outside ….

(let’s go outside)

In the sunshine

I know you want to, but you can’t say yes

Let’s go outside (let’s go outside)

In the moonshine

When the moon is high

And the grass is jumpin’

Come on, just keep on fucking 

I look at him from afar
I plant my seed and it starts
exchanges of interlocking desire
I lock and I’m loaded, I
FIRE >>>>>>>>>>>
One ~ Walk …
two ~ Walk…
And on three ***
I Turn – to receive and retrieve


Damien Arness-Dalton.

12268605_10209012348892359_1864855328_o (1)    12528596_10209012348932360_1765240982_o

Art works exclusively produced and inspired by this poem by Artist / Illustrator Tex Buell

Used with kind permission …thank you



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