Forget Me Knots


 Wake me up from this nightmare

sleep escaping its grip

emptiness rising up in currents

Meandering moods,

quivering lips

Time slowing down the audible ticks

Tocking tugging heaviness to and throw
Curtains drawn together keep

Conversations in the darkened silence

Downward eyes sympathise deposition of

Of cloudy uncertainty

They try … It won’t settle

Broken hearts shattered pieces picked up from the floor fixed back together, never in the same position as before
Sink sink below into darkness

Catch me if I fall

Slipping into cold disarray in a

Moonlit dull muted Sky, the ocean is still

Candles lit and flickered light cries lapping shifty shadows on walls

Rosary beads caressing worried fingers

Collective responses :Holy Mary Mother of

God at this time

of grief
Time of Grief

Time of Grief

Time of Grief Grief Grief hear us

And now at the hour of death give us strength in any belief

Amen times ten
Sorry for your loss

Shook hands shaking heads

Expressions of love as stories unfold in laughter wrapped in envelopes of memories tucked away inside suit pockets

And cigarette packets

The air is smoky and heavy

Photographs of you seem distant now

You’re gone some place other than here

Nothing will ever be the same
Hang a stone around my neck

Grief weigh me down

Farrow deep lines in my brow

Sorrowful tears drown

Sowing seeds that won’t grow

Into tomorrow

Damien Arness-Dalton

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