Sleeping Beauty 

Once upon a time in a small village of Quilty

Lived a princess who never knew of her beauty

Her hair and skin as soft as silk

A flower that will never wilt

Perfumed and natural as a rose

The strongest spirit and soul you’ll ever know

Smiling through pain and years of strain

She loved so much that her heart became weak

No medicine could cure the answers you seek

untill one day she fell asleep.
Ascend her up high to heaven on a bed of pink roses

Thorns and all for she bears no pain

Let us endure what she did

but have no pity on her

it was never in vain

A life lived to the fullest and to the brim

Weddings ,Christmas and New Years seen in
Her beauty behold for all to see

Vanessa Murihy

Sleep well our love

sleep peacefully now

For we will meet again

Anton your prince is waiting

a kiss upon your lips

We will all deliver you to him

and then you’ll awake in eternal bliss
you never knew just how perfect you were and forever young you’ll stay

In our hearts and memories each and every day.

The oceans tide will rise and fall and yes the sun will set

A community without you is hard but we will never forget and have to accept

Remember her smile and laughter in all its brightness for she feels no pain no more.
I would walk on broken glass with a smile just to see your face

I would swim in frozen waters to reach you for a tight embrace

I would chase a rainbow until my feet bleed to be with you again

I would walk through fire and not wince just to hear your laughter then

I would take away the grief you all feel just to bring you back

But that would be a fairytale and reality keeps us on track
carry on

Vanessa in our memories that will last happily ever after in the past

Forever young and true



faith your virtues
How lucky we are to have known a girl as such

Your love is so powerful we were all touched.
We will always love you
When you see a pink rose think of me

Vanessa Murihy

Star of the Sea


Sleeping Beauty

( For you my Darling Vanessa , only words  but they can only begin to touch on how much we all miss you and love you x )

Damien Arness-Dalton

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