72 hours since you played?

Roll the dice and let it show

-Pep a lucky second throw

Windows of lifelong grief

Anticipation for this instant relief

Move forward another square

Throw again…risk …play fair

Do not pass go, take a chance

Playing the victim of circumstance

Waiting waiting waiting for your role

A Self destructive chipping soul

Crimson Pinpricks the truth teller come

Acts that will never be undone

Climb the ladder or ride the snake

Players of blame for lovers sake

Kings and Queens I understand

Stack the deck and let them land

Strategic plans of pivotal change

Curtains rising or falling on the stage

Eyes on lips for those curvatures of N

Mental mileage clocking, let this end

Weeks were minutes and now minutes weeks

A result, an answer my heart seeks

Let my misery be cut and my blood flow

Upon your words I need to know

Win or lose no stance to take

There is no sweetness to this cake

not so black and white the binary poles

Partners and you need to know

My life begins today regardless

Healthy informed attitudes of love

Send my status on the wings of a dove
Damien Arness-Dalton

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