Top Middle or Bottom 


He is masculine and takes charge

A man who knows what he wants

His cock size? hopefully large

exercising his powerful dominance

Throwing it down slapping it around Arsehole tight like a cats anus

If exclusively top it remains thus

The Alpha male, Selfishly giving

To greedy holes that are in need of filling.

He is felixaeble and enjoys versatility

Flipping to and fro according to flow

Selective pleasures chosen desire

Shared between man and men

He will give anything a go

Nothing to prove or show

but sexually free giving and taking expressively.

She likes it up the bum

Her arse stretched for tops to fetch

Labeled feminine yet masculine

Thresholds of pain and ability

Size queens seeding and breeding

Lying on her tum, doggy style in the rectum

Douched clean and poppered up ready to receive

Passive aggressive receptacle of cock

They have it on lock.
Damien Arness-Dalton.

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