Internal monologue of rationalising hedonistic decisions of selfishness. Staring into the weekend gone, architecting excuses formulating where things went wrong. 

Focusing on a thought that hangs around your neck weighing you down like a ton.
What could be different?
If I said this or that?
( Laughter dancing drinking fun )
Paranoia breeds relative regret and flashbacks
Piecing and stitching together the missing facts
Heaped bumps lifted into your ego
The key unlocking a side of me unleashing the ugliness of it all
The party monster rears its head, unchained on the weekend where days bleed and blend into one hot mess
When the white dusty clouds clear and reality HITS you in the face like walking into a mirror !
Look At yourself and confess
Is that the version of you , that you want to see ?
Is this the best you can be?
Comedown to reality

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