Yes I’ll have some Barry’s tea and nanny’s warm soda bread

With Kerry Gold slathered on in yellow heaps to melt

Yes I’ll take that lift to Quilty rather than walk in the rain

Green fields lapping against the oceans foamy belt

Yes I’ll have one for the road at Cooney’s and sit in Granddads chair

I’ll have five pints and not feel guilty with folk music in the air

Yes I’ll go up to Tina’s Nightclub and drink with the lads

Where time stands still and worries are forgotten, with selfies on ipads

Yes we can cry, share, and reminisce on the good old days


As we gather around Nannie surrounded by trophies of the past

You search for your family or face amongst the sea of photographs

It’s an honour to be presented here and it fills me with hope

A wall of achievement in pride of place her married ones displayed

Yes I often wonder if my love will be affirmed and nailed here for futures sake

For my family to laugh ‘at the cut of me’ or ‘the head on him’ and my lovers embrace

Yes I wait for that day when I am here with my boyfriend

To share in my love for being home from home and my family’s clan

Yes I remember Granddad kissing me goodnight

A kiss on my lips the making of me as a man.

The warming red glow of Jesus’ sacred Heart in the hallway

My guiding light to home where love will be free to roam. 


Yes to love 

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