A fingertip torn from a mothers embrace
A wedding ring lost without a trace
A shot fired from a smoking gun
A quiet playground no games or fun
A clutch of earth in a shaking hand
A jilted lover trying to understand
A departing train separates a couple
An argument exchanged over trouble
An angry text message you never sent
A cheating lover you miss and resent
A hug and a soft kiss at the departure gate
A dirty hanky crushed against a sobbing face
A family home now an empty space
A black waterfall of mascara tears
An internal stabbing anxiety and fear
A second in time breeds relative eternity
Energy transferred from one thing to another’s certainty
A stolen breath sent out in the Universe
Oh what it is to be Alive To feel lost and empty in a world so full.
To feel completely grounded and hopeful
Life’s narrative unfolds each page pulled
A poem closing to an end
I hold my breath and think of you
That moment in time is yours my friend.

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