Rubber Desired

The black wraps against my skin
It’s hold tightening, stretching
White powder rains down the crevices in preparation of occupation
Cold sensations breaking against the Waves of my hungry appetite now salivating, craving
You and your sweetness
Sweaty salty liquiroise
A cake frosted ready to be devoured
Like flakes of snow it sits and waits in the stillness before the black Sea ripples and awakes
over my pink flesh
Slapping sloshing, pinging and pinching.
Wrinkle and a wiggle,
We dance as I  enter your embrace
I am then swallowed
I’m in you, my body eaten
You consume and envelop me
Restrictive pressure now my second skin – zipped in
As a greedy piggy at the trough
A doggy wagging his tail
Woofing oinking ruff
My metamorphosis complete
Ready to play
ready to eat

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