Incomplete is this song written
Tasteless is this apple bitten
Stiff and rythemless the dance I tread
The chapel empty as the couple wed
Odurless is the perfume you wear
A horror movie unable to scare
Faded are the petals of this rose
A model without a pose
A heated body without a sweat
My desire for you never kept
Big Ben without its chime
This poem without a ryhme

Damien Arness Dalton, 2000



I wrote this poem when I was 17, I was struggling with my sexuality and through that frustration I wrote this peom. My Mum prersented it to me the other day, she kept a book of my scribbles and writtings. Looking at this now through the eyes of a gay man – I find it heartbreaking yet emacipatied through coming out.





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