White hospital bed where you silently rest
wrapped in blankets that warm you from solitudes coldness
In this tiny room
Where laughter has forgot
I hold your hand and brush your hair,
Wiping away the last seconds we share
My fingers side stroking your temple stacked high with memories
cluttering and hoarding things not yet said or done
As you stare and point up to heaven
I fathom, you know it will come
He is calling you back
Inevitable slow swallowing I hear the crows calling and wallowing
In the darkness of sorrow dancing in
the deep black depths of the fact
I say how much I love you
As she listens in the other room
Like a grey cloud she looms
She can’t hurt us anymore
She is now in the corridor
alone and always will be

I have my goodbye
I tried and won
If only you could see your Son
But I am here to tell you before you depart on his behalf
The truth that will free the
wretched denial and sadness from our hearts

As the television transitioned between static it fuzzed away the thickness of the air
I shared a silence with you and entered your sub conscience

I looked you in the eyes and we both cried
Family feuds such nonsense
Your Frustrated and muted speech limited you, yet I was able to connect through

Squeezing your hand we exchanged our fair well , we weep
I begin to choke on my tears
I’ve had you all along throughout my best years
I have to remember that
I’ll never get this moment back
My one and only chance
My last words to you

I love you Nan

And through the silence you told me
you do too
I kiss your forehead
A perfect eternal moment
Never stolen Eternally kept
Where my heart no longer weeps
But swells in my love of you
In all that am and do
Through your strength and fortitude

You rest now in a rose garden
Ironic so close to our home
My Mother
My Queen
Words etched upon your stone
Your photograph is all I see
I kiss your face and ignore the intent
From her – You are now free -released

You are a not a possession
You are everything
A Daughter A Sister
A Mother An Auntie
My Nan A Friend
It is true
I pray these words reach you
Let the Crows sing and hop while Flowers bloom
Lillian White I’ll always love you
and this poem on the wind I send.
From darkness to light



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