Trade the Jade

Ill never succumb to be you
Wearing gay residue of tribal tattoos
Standing alone hugging walls in a bar
Eyes cruising the loneliness from afar.
I will never be off my tits 
Spinning around on the dance floor throwing faces in epileptic fits. 
Being the centre of wrong attention.
I’ll never be in the magazines
Photographed with scene queens 
with the Boyz, qx and pupils XXL
I will not be in a square amongst
Gridded torsos and hairy bears
Geographical sexual apps

Selfie snaps in bathroom mirrors

No pic no chat no fems or fat
I will never lower to that.
More picks
 …Any of your dick?
From youth to the eventual truth.
The jaded darkness either softens or darkens with time defining
I am you
You are me
In any percentage
In certain degrees

Damien Arness-Dalton

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