I’m sorry my fight and struggle for equality offends you.
My brothers and sisters footsteps and tears wept are a debt that needs to be kept
In my heart and on your conscience.
You cannot smear their existence or words because your own values blur morality with a belief systematic to your own detriment.
Equality and fairness for you is easily spent yet we have to strive and earn it’s privilege.
It’s a costly purchase and a timely transaction through action.
A currency passed through many hands, a wealth you cannot quantify nor begin to understand.
Freedom is not free
I don’t need your validation yet I won’t accept your failure to recognise the protest and unrest.
I’ll always keep it close to my heart
I’ll be more quiet and subdued in my activism for you. Let’s start.
Don’t want people to see or hear
For fear 
Of offence
Don’t sit on the fence
Stand up stand tall
Scream from your lungs and be proud and tell your stories OUT LOUD
IF I offend you
I’m glad
For there is change to be had.
Don’t be scared I’ll listen to your act of contrition. I have faith I never offended …it was you.
I accept your apology for those who came before me.
I’d hate to offend you,
it was never my intention.

Damien Arness-Dalton


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